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Nice to meet you!

It's nice to meet you! We’re Ti Ora, a tea brand founded and grounded in New Zealand.

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Tea Blends

Bold, bright and all about nature. That’s how we like to describe ourselves, our teas, and the country we’re from. We put the NZ quite literally in our teas by featuring a tasty New Zealand botanical at the heart of every blend. It’s almost enough to transport you to another world. Or the Southern Hemisphere at least.







  • Green Tea Passionfruit.png

    Green tea

    passionfruit &

    New Zealand peach

  • Green Tea Ginger Root Lemongrass Lemon.png

    Green tea

    ginger root, lemongrass &

    New Zealand lemon

  • Green Tea Peppermint.png

    Green tea

    peppermint &

    New Zealand kiwi fruit

  • Fruit Infusion Summer Fruits New Zealand Apple.png

    Fruit infusion

    Summer Fruits &

    New Zealand apple

  • Fruit Infusion Forest Fruits Blackcurrant.png

    Fruit Infusion

    Forest Fruits &

    New Zealand Blackcurrant

  • Herbal Infusion Peppermint Marigold.png

    Herbal infusion

    peppermint, marigold &

    New Zealand lemon

  • Herbal Infusion Camomile Lemon Honey.png

    Herbal Infusion

    Camomile, Lemon & a hint

    of New Zealand Manuka Honey

  • Black Tea Breakfast Blend.png

    Black Tea

    Breakfast Blend & a hint

    of New Zealand Manuka Honey

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Ti Ora & Sustainability

Nature really means a lot to us, which is why we want to do our bit by being mindful of our impact and doing something about it. We make our teas with sustainable, ethically-sourced tea leaves and support sustainability foundations to help give something back to the planet.

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