Black tea breakfast blend & manuka honey

Black Tea

Breakfast blend & New Zealand Manuka honey

Whether you’re waking up or winding down, our black tea breakfast blend is a true delight. Sweetened with Manuka honey, it makes any moment more delicious.


Rich • Fragrant • Sweet

The NZ Ingredient

Manuka Honey

Made from nectar of the native New Zealand Manuka plant, this sought after honey is known for its combination of rich sweetness and surprising oakiness.

Taste ti ora


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Where to buy

how to brew

the perfect cup



Start with 250ml of fresh cold water.



Heat the water to 100°C to bring out the perfect balance of tea aromas.



Brew the tea bag for 3-5 minutes.

Sometimes I add a splash of milk but more often I just savor the bold flavor with nothing more.







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